A Crazy Way to Learn

In the pursuit of speed on two human powered wheels, one is constantly trying to find ways to push themselves to the next level. The slogan of The SufferFest, a leading series of indoor training videos, is IWBMATTKYT (I Will Beat My Ass Today To Kick Yours Tomorrow). It’s not so much an acronym as a lifestyle. A statement about just how hard you can push yourself. It’s a little bit sick. But the essence of the statement can be found in the nature of any bike racer.

The benchmark of training rides in Singapore is the affectionally known ‘Hammer‘ ride, or ‘Crazies’. A ride of mythical level speed, to be feared. Basically, the countries best of the best ride together every Sunday to push each other’s training on a regular basis.

In the past two months I’ve dived into the world of the Crazies, knowing full well that my skills and speed would be pushed to the limit. I was not wrong. Just finishing with the main group is an achievement. With each attempt my goal has been to stick with the group just a little longer.

This is a group that not only attracts the countries best, its also a ride that teaches you a huge amount. For myself I’ve learnt a massive amount in road positioning, bike handling, and peloton etiquette. Every ride is like being taken back to school. And the group is full of some amzingly encouraging and supportive individuals, full of tips, coaching and at times they’ll even help pull you back into the group. I’m extremely grateful every time for the support, and with every ride my confidence and skills grow.

Granted, this isn’t a ride that you can just rock up and join the group. It does help knowing a few other riders before you join, and no doubt, if you have confidence to join this group, you likely know a few of those that regularly ride the Crazies.

I owe a big thanks to those that continue to support and encourage my ongoing development in the sport I love.


4 thoughts on “A Crazy Way to Learn

  1. Hi,

    Its heartening to see you pop up again and again for Crazies because it reminded me of me two years ago. I watched your video and you got dropped at the first climb at Old Upper Thomson Rd. I’ve been there! Its all too familiar. On my first ride, I got dropped there as well. I remembered they were going up at 40km/h there. And like you, my weekly aim was to get dropped further and further each time. And it soon was. Extended to Nee Soon, then Mandai then even getting dropped at LCK was a milestone to be celebrated! Then after like six months or so, I completed that first completed ride. Boy, do I feel accomplished. Can’t describe the feeling. You’ve got to own that experience yourself. Some got their first completed ride sooner. Some gave up trying after a few tries, thinking its beyond them.

    If you want to achieve more, perhaps you can consider not going into Crazies with aching legs. That means no hard or long Saturday rides. So up to you to prioritise.

    Also if you got dropped along Kranji or Neo Tew before the left turn to LCK, you can consider U-tuning back to Mandai Shell junction and wait there. The pack reaches that junction usually about 8:05am so you have to reach back there by 8am. This gives you the opportunity to participate in the final stretch.

    Anyway thanks for the vid for the 1st Nov ride. Nice to see a footage of me riding. I got dropped at Kranji Dam. Aching legs from the previous day.

    I will post the vid of today’s ride on your Strava. There’s lots to learn from ride videos.

    See ya in the next ride!


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