10 Years of a Snail

Building a Cycling culture is tough in an international metropolis like Singapore. Not only are daily battles faced over road rights; but it’s also dam hot. In a city where everything is about bigger, better and faster, the pleasure or efficiency or riding a bike is quickly forgotten.

Ten years ago, facing the challenge of the city, one lady took a conscious effort to bringing lovers of Cycling together. Joyce Leong, AKA The Snail Queen, started the infamous LH500 rides (5am from The Long House on Upper Thomson).


I joined the group initially in 2009, in my brief return to the bike before a traveling career and impending family. The group was great, it could cater for all levels; beginners up to the racers.

Since its creation in 2006, Joyriders has become the powerhouse of Cycling in Singapore. Actively contributing to national agendas such as; Active Lifestyle, Road Safety, Sustainable Transport and more. Almost everyone who rides in Singapore knows Joyce.


I’ve just climbed off the bike for a 90 kilometre celebration of Joyriders 10th Anniversary. Taking a unusual clock-wise approach to the west loop (Science Park, West Coast, NTU, LCK, Kranji) we were faced with the pleasing challenge of moving over 110 cyclists safely along the route.

The sense of comradery was strong. Hugs and high fives common. No doubt Joyce was radiating with her characteristic smile, feeling a deep sense of pride at ten years hard work. The club’s office is run out of her condo, which every Joyrider has visited to collect a jersey.

Personally Joyriders has been important to my Cycling journey, as it gave me the initial support and guidance to build a base and some fitness before I chose to push myself into racing. Joyce personally has been a huge supporter of my Cycling. I do miss our regular ‘Fat Burner’ rides. Not that Joyce has any fat to loose.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay with the group until the end of the ride. Instead I had to power on home to host my three son’s birthday party. But I wish the crew a safe and joyous continuation.

On the 24th of January, Joyrider will celebrate with a huge party. Packed with giveaways, prizes and all round celebration of Cycling, friendship and Singapore all centered around our much loved founder, Joyce. If you haven’t got your tickets to the event already, Order tickets via Eventbrite NOW!

Thanks Joyce and congratulations. Share your Joyriders story. What does Joyriders mean to you?


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