Some great tips from Shayne on stretches for cyclists

GC Coaching

Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, the number one reason people miss work, and many athletes I have coached have missed workouts because of it.  The first 2 facts are terrible, but missing workouts too, c’mon! 😉  The majority of back pain in athletic populations is caused by muscles becoming tighter due to fatigue and overuse.  This fatigue can come from many areas ranging from an increase of training workload to a tough race.  Fortunately, for most sufferers of back pain there are a few easy exercises you can do to loosen up the muscles and increase the joint range of motion to help decrease the pain.  There are many conflicting studies regarding when to stretch and how long to hold the stretches for, this is what I have seen work best for me and the athletes/patients I have worked with.  If you have seen…

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