In 2015, the cycling community encountered probably its largest setback in recorded history,  the haze. Now, first let me clarify. Many others of Singapore’s citizens also experienced the haze, this is just intended to be a cyclists perspective.

A number of cycling events were either cancelled or postponed, including in the Tour de Bintan, Nongsa, and more. We’re now on the cusp this repeating in 2016, as we start to see the early signs of the return of the haze in Singapore. It’s quite frustrating as a cyclist because it means that potentially, it’s almost impossible to do exercise outside as the PSI levels skyrocket over 150 or even over 200 and 300.

The battle exists for the nation how to resolve the cause of the haze. As the nations citizens head indoors.

I’m curious to know, what do cyclists in Singapore do during the haze? Does everyone just stop riding? Or do we all have indoor trainers? Do we try different sports? Do you head back to the gyms, yoga, the indoor labs, and the likes?

What does everybody do when you can’t go outside for a ride?

Myself, I find myself either on my Kickr in Zwift or heading down to the Athlete Lab in Amoy Street. Here I can find those much needed miles on the bike to keep the fitness, to try and maintain the training regime. To try and ensure that when the haze ends in October, November, that I still have the fitness and the speed to maintain my level of fitness.

So what do you all do? What does everyone else do when you can’t go outside and ride? What is your fallback strategy amongst the haze period?

Thanks for sharing

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