Be a Hero

Over the life of Espresso Cyclist, I have experimented with writing blog posts, shooting videos, and even interviews. It’s an ongoing journey to learn what you all want to see. Let me know which formats will work for you.

Video, especially bike footage, has been extremely popular. Some of my race footage are getting huge amounts of views. But behind the scenes, editing takes time. Pumping out a video each week by myself just wasn’t realistic. Plus, my editing skills are very basic.

I covered getting the best footage of your ride in a separate post.

I admire the creative work of a few videographers I’m friends with. Their ability to tell a story through video shows just how bad I am at it. So I hunted around for a cost effective way to pump out regular, awesome videos. That’s when I met BroPro.

In my parallel lives of being an innovator and a cyclist, I rarely get a chance to bridge the two. Finding BroPro was perfect, a startup doing something that I can apply to cyclist. These guys are the team behind my recent videos for the OCBC Cycle Car Park Climb, powered by BikeBug and the Cycle a Difference for Newborns Vietnam, videos.

I am super impressed. These guys were able to transform my raw footage to edited videos in 24 hours, using professional editors from all over the globe. Crowd-sourced editing, awesome. Best of all, they put through in the stuff that I hate doing myself, like color correction on video, blur/shakiness adjustment, audio mixing. It includes my footage from the Hai Van Pass descent needed, as I weaved through trucks and cyclists with a police escort.

Once they have your uploads, leave it up to the team to bro-it-up. They’ll make that pitiful face-plant you took look like you’re addicted to 360s.

The team will let you have the SD version of the video free for you to use as you please, with the option to buy the HD version pretty cheap. I’ve bought the HD version of all my edits.

In a world of cameras, everyone wants their video to look sweet. There has been many attempts by startups to be the Instagram of video, but few have worked. BroPro looks to have found a good mixed of human and computer input in the creative process.

This means I can focus on the riding, while they take care of the editing, giving me more reasons to film more rides. So watch out for me on the road with my GoPro cameras onboard.

BroPro is a startup, but they are already hitting a sweet spot for the action cam junkies. Give them a try, tell them Scott sent you. Use the code ESPRESSOBROPRO for $20 off. Share with me your experience. Post your edited videos in the comments below.

I’ll offer up a prize of a GoPro Hero Session camera to the most epic ride that gets  posted in the comments by October 30th.


14 thoughts on “Be a Hero

  1. This was my ride when I flew to Penang for cycle round island.
    Some nice climbs that I’m quite not trained for. Unfortunately my front cam battery is not very lasting(SJcam).

    For your viewing pleasure. 🙂


  2. Hi Scott, can i still join this competition even if i uploaded a video that i have edited by myself?
    One of the Bropro editors said that my videos were too long ( i recorded many 4-5min) videos, and the cost amounted to $180 which i couldn’t afford. It was my 1st time using a GoPro borrowed from a friend so i have no idea that i had to take good, short videos.


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