No Bike

I’m not always a cyclist. I do have a day job. Like most normal people, I have to front up for work and often travel for work. This month I’ve been on a constant journey across the planet, mixing a charity ride in Vietnam, plus clients in Bangkok and Oslo. Unfortunately, I found myself in Bangkok and Oslo without a bike ūüė¶

Keen to keep my legs in shape, I looked for alternatives.

Luckily in Bangkok, my mate Dan runs a series of fitness clubs which includes cycling classes, Absolute Cycle. Keen to give my legs a spin, I joined Dan in what can only be described as a Spin Class meets a Rave. The choreographed music and lights added to the mood as Dan took us through an intense series of movements on the bike to the rhythm of the music. Dan’s energy and charisma (plus his full leg tights) had me at times questioning his sexual preference. Whatever it was, it clearly works. As he managed to push the class through a routine even I found hard. The data showed I burned 900 calories for the hour I was on the bike. Twice my heart rate spiked over 190 bpm.

Dan leads a Absolute Cycle class in Bangkok

The skills needed for the movements were foreign to my cyclist body, with many of the movements testing my coordination more than my fitness. Dan reassured me that it takes about five classes to master the movements.

I attempted to follow it up with another class the following night, but Bangkok traffic kept me away from reaching the studio in time. Either way, I still enjoyed it and will be back when I’m next in Bangkok. While in town I also meet up with Absolute’sAbsolute’s supporter Cycam, who hooked me up with a sweet deal on Vittoria EVO 1976 shoes. Thanks Yui.


Later that week I flew to Oslo, Norway. A quiet city blessed by stunning weather this time of year. Upon landing I threw on the runners and went out to explore. I chose to follow the¬†Sentrumsl√łpet 2015, Strave segment. A 10 kilometre trail around central Oslo, taking in many of the main attractions.


Running in a new city is a great way to explore, and find your way around town. Oslo is a cute little city. A contrast to Singapore and Bangkok. But I loved the fresh clean air, tree lined streets and wide open parks. Such a great place to enjoy a run.


As much as I love running, my current goals are on the bike. So I needed to find a way to spin the legs. I have a habit of checking out the gym of a hotel before I book. So when I saw I was staying at Clarion Grand Christiania, I was pleased to see two Merida Spinning bikes in the hotel gym. The same style of bike I rode in Dan’s class the previous week. Should be fun.


Unlike a normal hotel bike, a spinning bike lacks the measure and feedback that keep you engaged. So designing a session that would both train me and keep me motivated become a challenge. Enter Coach Strandell:

15-20 WU bike.  7 min workout or HIIT then 10 hard bike.  Repeat but last bike can be 5 hard then 10 easy

Get that? 15 to 20 minutes warm-up, followed by ¬†a 7 minute HIIT session (do this using the Wahoo 7 Minute App). Back on the bike for 10 minutes hard, another 7 minute HIIT session. Finishing with 5 minutes hard on the bike, and a 10 minute cool-down. At least nothing was longer than 10 minutes. That should keep me engaged while in the hotel’s dungeon of a gym.

In the 60 minute session, I push my legs, and body, to burn 800 calories. Making me feel much better for my separation from the bike.

I fly back to Singapore this weekend, and will ensure I’m back on the road ASAP. But I was happy that I’d managed to find ways to stay active while travelling.

What does everyone else do while they are traveling?

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