Top 10 Cycling Books

In our past blogs, we discussed how important having a mentor is. Your mentor can give you proper guidance on how to ride, and what could work out best for you.
But other than finding a mentor, there are a lot of cycling books that can help you get on the right track or simply entertain you using cycling language and biking anecdotes to keep you riding.

In the absence of a great mentor, one can find inspiration from dozens of great books. Whether its on training, an autobiography, or just a great story. There are nuggets of gold around every corner.

Here are the top 10 cycling books you can check out:

  1. Rough ride by Paul Kimmage. Paul Kimmage talks about his experiences as a professional cyclist in this book including his critical account of the cycling world. This book went controversial as he broke the law of omerta by revealing the darker side of cycling.
  2. The Hour by Micheal Hutchinson. In this book, Hutchinson tells the story of a man racing against time. No teammates or rivals, no tactics, no breaks. It’s a man pushing himself to see how far he can go in an hour.
  3. The Rider by Tim Krabbe. Becoming an instant cult classic, this book delves into the intricate dynamic of team racing. This is a must-read for all those racers who need to learn more about the art of road cycling.
  4. Put Me Back On My Bike: In Search of Tom Simpson by William Fotheringham. There have been many biographical books of cyclists written but this one stands out. Guardian writer Fotheringham explores the life and sudden death of Tom Simpson during the 1967 Tour de France.
  5. Slaying the Badger by Richard Moore. This book covers the 1986 Tour de France where five-time winner Bernard Hinault was supposed to hand over the leadership of his team to Greg Lemond. But suddenly, it seems like Hinault is going to hit his sixth record when he went on attack.
  6. Land of second chances by Tim Lewis. Two ex-professional cyclists scoured Rwanda to find the best cycling team. Their pursuit wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be, with hindrances putting up challenges against this cycling duo.
  7. Free country by George Manhood. This sports bestseller is currently topping the Amazon top 20 best cycling books. Writer George decides to ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats, a 1000-mile length of Britain but what makes the trip special is they have to do it with no money whatsoever. And they start from scratch, with no clothes and bike. This humourous book shows that cycling through cities isn’t just about the landscape, it is about the culture and the people you encounter to enrich your experience.
  8. Ride The Revolution – The Inside Stories from Women in Cycling edited by Suze Clemitson. In a sport dominated by men, this books explores the women’s cycling world and their growing participation in sports.
  9. City Cycling by Richard Ballantine. For those road cycling enthusiasts, this essential guide to cycling gives you useful tips on how to survive riding the urban road.
  10. The Bike Book: Complete Bicycle Maintenance by Mark Storey. Last but not the least is this handy book of cycling 101. This is a great basic tool to make sure your bike is always ready to ride.

How about you? Which books do you think should be included in the list?


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