100 Days

I have a confession to make. I dropped the ball. After two years of amazing progress, a return to a busy work travel schedule during the off season saw me fall into food temptations, and social beers.

The schedule of a traveling consulting can be punishing, as it has you in multiple countries and at dozens of events in a single week. Couple that with huge shifts in time zones, plane food and poor sleep, the body quickly starts to suffer.

I’ve tried over the years to make the travel manageable. I love my work, and I love seeing the world. But it can at times conflict with sporting ambitions.

Saddle up, time to fly again. #exploretheworld #travelgram

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Three months after the Singapore nationals, I find myself with 9 extra kilograms and a fading FTP (down to 272 watts). If  I am to get myself ready for 2017, I need to get back on track. So I planned my a challenge for myself, 100 days to get back on track.

Here’s the goal, 100 days from Monday September 19th, I aim to be back under 70 kilograms and back up to a 295 watt FTP. The deadline is the 28th of December. It’s still short of my longer term goal of 325 watts, and 68 kilograms. But its a solid start.

295 watts / 70 kilograms – by Dec 28th

It’s going to take some sacrifice, suffering and discipline to kick the recent beer habit. But if I can make it happen, it sets me up for a strong 2017. Starting from a solid fitness base is something new to me. As in the past, when I raced I was still trying to make huge gains. So let’s see how it goes.

The 100 days will be broken down into milestones;

  • First I’ll need to shed the excess weight. Getting the weight down won’t be easy, so I’ve enlisted the help of Pure Nutrition‘s nutritionist, Roz Alexander. I’ll receive weekly guidance and personalised feedback in addition to a written nutrition plan tailored to a specific event, training or general lifestyle. She already has me recording everything I eat in MyFitnessPal.
  • Next, I’ll work closely with the Athlete Lab to build not only the engine to burn the fast, but also lay the ground work for building my FTP.

#mistakenidentity don’t try this at home. #trainedpro not. #100days day 4 – 8x1min 150%

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Ongoing tracking my of progress is going to be vital for keeping me on track. So look out for regular posts on my Instagram.

Next, I need everyone’s help. Keep asking me how I’m going, and keep reminding me of the target I set. As a community of riders, we are collectively strong. Understanding and supporting each others goals should be a strength of the community.

So what’s the goal you’re going to set for December 28th? Remember make your goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Post your goal in the comments below, and let’s smash them together.

When using social media, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, use the hashtags #100days.

11 thoughts on “100 Days

  1. Good stuff. Doing my first athlete lab session today. Haven’t done ftp test yet, will do that later in the week. Main aim is to lose 5kg by Xmas (currently weigh 81kg) and get a decent level of fitness so I can Start racing next year.


  2. I would say if you want to lay a good foundation, don’t focus on loosing weight or high intensity sessions.

    Long low intesity sessions and healthy food but at a level you still enjoy eating and it does not become a diet.

    With the low intensity sessions you actually get more efficient training in without needing too much recovery.

    You will loose weight more sustainably that way.


    1. Totally agree with you Princess 😉
      That’s how I lost the first 23 kgs. Working with Roz has already paid dividends, as I’m back down to 74kgs in the first two weeks. Most likely by just not touching the beers. Plus it’s been great to have two solid weeks in Singapore, so a regularity to my riding has returned. I hope the majority of the excess weight will be gone in October, and I can just focus on getting some power back up. Either way, it’s all just a base for 2017.


  3. Stumbled on your blog almost by accident but enjoying reading it. I’ve been travelling a lot lately then got sick, finding myself in a similar position after time off the bike. For the past two or three weeks I’ve been really motivated, making sure my nutrition is on point and that I’m training hard. Reading about your 100 days goal has inspired me to work harder, so thanks for that.


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