On the 18th Day

Last week I shared my goal to kick my ass and get myself back into shape by the time 2017 rolls around. The baseline was an FTP that have fallen from 287watts, and body mass that had climbed from 69kgs to 78.5kgs. Basically I was a slow, fat slob. Keen to turn this around before is becomes terminal, I activated my awesome network of supports, mainly Athlete Lab, Pure Nutrition and Coach Strandell.

Eighteen days into the journey and I’m happy to see a routine reforming, as 5am rides and healthier eating habits become the norm. Although I am writing this in bar with a glass of wine… shh, it’s Friday.

Last week I managed 15 hours on the bike, resulting is just under 400 kilometres. And the weight fell off like ice melting. A mix of zone 2 rides on Zwift, plus some strong internal work in the Lab ensured my caloric burn dropped me from 78.5kgs to 73.5kgs. I was thinking ‘awesome’ start… but a checking staycation, and a hotel breakfast buffet later, I was reminded just how fast things can swing. Couple that with being dropped on the Crazies ride within the first five kilometres, and my ego had taken some bruising.

My saving grace was my little man, Jenson, finally grasping the skills needed to turn the pedals on his Scott 12″. As a kid that endured a tough start to life, turning the pedals at age 5 and half is a huge achievement. One this daddy was super proud of.

Kicking things into gear for the start of week three were tough, as a full time workload took the vast majority of my attention. I also found Level gym nearby, keen to get back into regular preventative maintenance, mainly Yin Yoga. Gotta keep those joints open.

Getting back into a routine is never easy, but one secret is leveraging a sense of accountability to those around you. For me that’s working with Roz at Pure, Bastian at the Athlete Lab, my coach Joe, and the commitments I make to friends to ride with them. Thanks to the RCCSGP guys.

The current focus is the nutrition. Roz has be documenting everything I eat in MyFitnessPal. We are track macro nutrients, fat, carbs and protein. Roz started by baselining my nutrients. Here’s how Roz works out my macros:

  1. Calculate Resting metabolic rate
  2. Add activity factor for total daily energy expenditure
  3. Reduce calories by 20% for fat loss
  4. Divide calories by protein %
  5. Divide calories by fat%
  6. Remainder is carbohydrate %
  7. Calculate grams of each macro to consume each day
  8. Structure meals around workouts and distribute throughout day

My calories for maintenance: 2896 calories/day

My calories for fat loss: 2317 calories/day

My dietary experiments over the past two years have made me carb shy. So it was great to get guidance like this from Rz:


Your body uses carbohydrates to make glucose, which is the preferred fuel, or energy that our bodies run off and it is also stored as glycogen. They’re what keep us going and the brain is the biggest consumer of glycogen. So, keep the carbs up and you will be sharp and energised while meeting your lean goal. Fiber, which is important to track if you want to be healthy, is also a carbohydrate but doesn’t deliver calories. Great sources of complex carbohydrates:

  • Sweet Potato / red potato
  • Rice: Doongarra
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Whole grains
  • Berries (Low GI)

It’s all about adjusting habits, routines and mindset. I’ll be working closely with Roz to make sure the adjustments are sustainable.

Eighteen days into this re-transformation I have some success and some setbacks. Some of the weight is starting to fall off, but there is still work to do. My fitness grows, but I’m not yet back to a level to keep up with the Crazies.

Next week I’ll focus on the other macro nutrients of fat and protein.

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