Don’t try this at home

In recent months my travel schedule for work has grown. Seems every week I’ll spend multiple days abroad. Over the past year I’ve been good at taking my bike and ensuring I can train while on the road, but for some reason I found that a challenge in the past couple of months. The world of corporate travel can be a slipping slope if you don’t look after yourself, and I found myself paying the price.

In isolation, there is nothing wrong with a hectic travel and social life. But when compounded my week after week, it takes a toll on body. In my case, abundant food and drink, along with a lack of sleep saw me blow out fast. My body was fatigued, and the energy I had for the bike was fading. I needed to make a drastic change.

Some of of you know I’m a big fan of juice cleanses. Not so much for their nutritional benefit, but more as a means to reseting healthy habits. With a clean system, the body tends to crave healthier choices, making temptation and convenience on road lean towards a more sustainable lifestyle. So upon my return to Singapore on November 25th, I committed to a five day juice cleanse with Singapore’s Gorilla Press Co.


The Gorilla Press Co. is a superfood concept store that offers a simple and natural way of improving your well-being. They provide what they call SuperFoods – foods that have an astounding natural ability to boost your health in various ways. Their juices are also cold-pressed, which means that it is made with a hydraulic press machine that keeps the enzymes and nutrients intact in the juices, rather than centrifugal juicers that kill enzymes and nutrients due to the heat generated from the blades.

Committing to five days is a huge commitment, most people only pursue two or three days. But the insanity comes when I decided to continue a full training load on the bike and in the gym.

Day one and two are tough, as the body adapts to new nutritional habits. The tough part is the withdrawal you feel from things like coffee, comfort foods, and my case the daily habit of a drink. Things were especially tough on day two, as my coffee withdrawal escalated to full on headaches, with is common for Espresso addicts. But by day three and into day four, the benefits start to set in. Energy levels start to restore as toxins leave the body. Mental clarity starts to elevate, as a general sense of peace comes over the body. Senses come to life, as I start to notice subtle smells like flowers and food. By day five, the majority of the toxins causing your body stress are now gone, along with any hunger and cravings that made day two and three hard.


I chose to keep my training load constant to ensure I could sweat out the toxins at a fast rate. Or cause many would advise against this approach, as you risk unnecessary stress on the body as its suffering through reduced calories. My lower intensity rides weren’t so much an issue as my intense outings with West Coast Riders, where my body lacked the energy for surges or counter attacks on day five of the cleanse. Keeping focus on my goal, I was able to push through the challenges.

I’m not a nutritionist, nor a healthy professional, so I’m not qualified to suggest what will work for your body. But I’d suggest not doing a full training load while doing your first few cleanses. Make sure you know your body before pushing it that hard.

At the end of five days I had dropped 5.5 kilograms (78.6kgs > 73.1kgs), but more important shed the unhealthy habits of corporate travel. Today my body craves healthy nutrition, and hates the thought of fried food, beer or large portions.

Mission achieved, now to nail the final 25 days of my 100 campaign.

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